Fixing Intel Wireless Card 3945ABG Defination in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy

June 9, 2008

When i First Installed Ubuntu 8.04 i was really happy , but i got shocked when i found that my intel wireless card is not working , The system appears to see it  but i cant connect nor search for networks .

After a lot of search in the ubuntu , I found that this was a formal ubuntu 8.04 Bug… Here It is

So I found a Solution Here   , I tried making it more usable , Here it is , Open up your lovely Terminal

  • sudo bash ( Just to make it more easy )
  • modprobe -r iwl3945
  • Navigate to /etc/modprobe.d   command :::  cd /etc/modprobe.d
  • Create file named iwl3945     command  :::  touch  iwl3945
  • Open The File     command : gedit iwl3945
  • Add The Following To the File
    • alias wlan0 iwl3945
    • options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1
  • Save The File and exit
  • modprobe iwl3945
  • sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

Now You will find networks jumping into your wireless networks list

7 Responses to “Fixing Intel Wireless Card 3945ABG Defination in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy”

  1. Jezza Says:

    This worked a treat for me too, on a Samsun Q45 I bought just a few weeks ago. Thanks.

  2. moustafaemara Says:

    you are welcome 🙂 , i hope it was helpful

  3. Heinestien Says:

    That was awesome man!…it worked great on my new HP pavilion dv6820 ….you rock!

  4. snake Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeee you man thats great u make my dream come true. wooot

  5. Born2beWild Says:

    Dude..! You rock! I almost spent 4 days fixing this small problem. Searched almost every ubuntu forums about wireless problems.


    🙂 Thank you

  6. th0mas Says:

    greaaat! 😀 (spent 5 hours trying to fix this on my dell inspiron 1520).
    where does this fabulous fix come from ?
    What do “alias wlan0 iwl3945” and “options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1” do actually ?

  7. Evronia Says:

    thanks a million! I spent a real long time online and your post was the thing that saved the day!

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