Live From MintWorx …. Go and Rock It !!!!

June 9, 2008

MintWorx Logo

MintWorx is an online software project management tool offering different facilities and some new perspectives for the software project management..

If you are a startup don not want to bother your self with management , Secretly Go Get MintWorx now ; )

If you are in your graduation year , tired with heavy process documentation or even don not have a process , grab your group and Welcome in MintWorx World

If you are a freelancer willing to work , even joining a company , its MintWorx what are you searching for…

MintWorx.. Has now A beta Release .. Come in and Take A Look

MintWorx Team:

Moustafa Eamara :
– Project Coordinator
– Head System Analyst
– Developer

Ali El Said Ali:
– Head System Designer
– Developer

Mahmoud Basiony :
– Head Quality Assurance
– Graphic Designer
– Developer

Mohamed Gaber:
– Head Tester
– Developer

Ahmed Fouad :
– Head Technical Writer
– Graphic Desinger
– Developer

Dont Forget

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