Raramorph is a Ruby 1.9 gem for an intelligent port of Aramorph based on Buckwalter Arabic Morphological Analyzer Version 1.0 , Released By eSpace Technologies.

The first Release of Raramorph full morphological analyzer tools , provided with an executable or a library can be included in the code , with basic developer tools , to be extended in the next version.

Due to algorithmic and data structures optimization in Raramorph , we enhanced the performance of the library reaching an average of 4 – 5 seconds in loading the dictionaries  which was the main bottleneck in the java raramorph reaching to 10-11 seconds and average of 2-3 seconds in parsing meduim sized files and printing the output file.

Installing Raramorph :

gem install raramorph  ( note that raramorph requires Ruby1.9 )

Usage :

for exectuable :

raramorph input_file_name output_file_name  -v -a
  -v verbose mode ( optional )
  -a arabic output ( optional )

In Coding

require ‘raramorph’

For analyzing a file

Raramorph.execute(input_filename, output_filename ,verbose = false, not_arabic = true)

You can use functions like analyze_token , tokenize , segement_word all as static methods in Raramorph class , In the next Release developer tools will be more stable including more features for analysis and finding the morphological solutions , which can be used in searching and mining engines.

Also Raramorph -ferret adapter is to be released soon , for helping in the morphological analysis in search engines.

Raramorph Source Code is avaliable at :


Raramorph Documentation is availabe here.