One of my friends sent me a link a couple of days for a youtube video showing some friends using their cell phones radiations to cook the kernel of popcorn (Video is in the bottom of the post ) , and actually they’ve done it !!!!! But What ? Is this possible?

The answer is no as i read in Wierd Blog;. They interviewed the University of Virginia physics professor Louis Bloomfield and this was his comment.

“[The videos] are cute,” said Bloomfield in a phone conversation . “But that’s never gonna happen.”

In a microwave oven, energy excites the water inside popcorn kernels until it turns into highly pressurized gas, causing the kernels to pop. If mobile phones emitted that much energy, the water in the fingers of people holding them would heat up.

“It would hurt like crazy,” Bloomfield said. “Cellphones probably warm your tissues, but studies indicate that’s not injurious.”

Bloomfield, author of How Everything Works: Making Physics Out of the Ordinary, dismissed theories bubbling up in comment threads about the videos that suggest harmonious vibrations are heating the corn.

“Ringing the phones doesn’t help because they’re interfering with each other and receiving a signal [from a cellphone tower] — not transmitting it,” he said. Furthermore, while it is possible to heat with sound, it’s not likely to happen at the low volume emitted by a mobile phone. “It would be like gathering opera singers together to sing, and trying to make the corn pop,” Bloomfield said.

He also said that the trick in the video they may had put a boiler below the table or stuff like this , but this is still weired …

I guess the guys weren’t doing this just as a trick or fun … May Be its a simple message about how HARMFUL the CELL PHONES  are .. and how we are living in an electromagnetic field of waves …. living with us 🙂

May be some days with the more evolution in radio magnetic waves these side effects disappear .. OR may be cooking popcorn with cell phones will be true for our electromagnetic world we live IN ……

Here is the Video Watch And Enjoy 🙂

Well , From about 5 years i was looking forward to study a science field related to both medicine , computers …
But i wasn’t be able to do this , I thought about medical engineering , but this was at Cairo University … I was Living in Alexandria …..
From about a year I heard about Bio-Informatics … Just its name attracted me . 🙂 I don’t know why .. Bio and informatics.. WooW it seems really coool.
So I googled to find what is that… I found a lot of course ….
But I loved This one : Bioinformatics is the analysis of biological information using computers and statistical techniques; the science of developing and utilizing computer databases and algorithms to accelerate and enhance biological research. Bioinformatics is more of a tool than a discipline, the tools for analysis of Biological Data. From ( )
This Definition although i loved it a lot … but i just felt its not about this only .. simply imagine the huge processing capabilities of the computers and algorithms in solving genetic diseases .. its really great ..
The Problem after i knew that this field is a great one , How can I start … I just found an article telling me how

1. First Learn Biology.
2. Decide and pick a problem that interests you for experiment.
3. Find and learn about the Bioinformatics tools.
4. Learn the Computer Programming Languages.
5. Experiment on your computer and learn different programming techniques.

Wow I need To Learn Biology … Its really a long path .. Or i have to be a doctor or a biologist to start bio-informatics..
It Seems so depressing…
But Thanks God after this by almost 2 weeks in the last july I heard That one of the TAs in our Department made a successful master defense in Bio-Informatics… ( Eng. Hossam Sharara )
Really I was very happy and I went to ask him how to start and stuff like this. He was very helpful to me and guided me to the easiest books to start reading , but it seems that i have a lack the biological knowledge a lot.. That what I’m Trying to improve these days with the help of my Dear friend Dr.Marwan Ibrahim..
I hope i Can continue in this field , not just to be a dream..
Its a very long hard path I know .. but I hope I can go through it………..
Here I’ll write down some of what was hard for me to learn in both the biology and the computer science sides related to Bio-Informatics

Few months ago our boss at work gave us a book which consists of the articles of someone’s blog really he told us how important to have a blog and to write everything happend and u learned in this blog , well i thought a little and i thougth he’s quite right and decided to start a blog and
i was so excited about that 😀 but really i havent wrote anything in that blog 😀 a lot of things happend which was deserved to be written but i wasnt in that mood for writing really this was awful , but now in these tough exams days  😀 i decided to go over that step and start writing in the blog i hope i have the time and the mood to write because i really like that but i dont know what makes me be lazy to write inspite of lots of ppl told me how wonderful this is and how its very useful so i hope to be on my word 😀 and write usually in the blog …. i hope soo….
thanks alot to my ever best 2 bosses Hamdy and Medo  and my dear friend and work partner SObhiii ( ya l3bk ya soby 😉 ) ppl this person blog is greaaat visit it  i really learned alot from him  Sobhi Blog really its nice god with you sobhii ; finally i hope this continues true……………..
Moustafa Emara