Few months ago our boss at work gave us a book which consists of the articles of someone’s blog really he told us how important to have a blog and to write everything happend and u learned in this blog , well i thought a little and i thougth he’s quite right and decided to start a blog and
i was so excited about that 😀 but really i havent wrote anything in that blog 😀 a lot of things happend which was deserved to be written but i wasnt in that mood for writing really this was awful , but now in these tough exams days  😀 i decided to go over that step and start writing in the blog i hope i have the time and the mood to write because i really like that but i dont know what makes me be lazy to write inspite of lots of ppl told me how wonderful this is and how its very useful so i hope to be on my word 😀 and write usually in the blog …. i hope soo….
thanks alot to my ever best 2 bosses Hamdy and Medo  and my dear friend and work partner SObhiii ( ya l3bk ya soby 😉 ) ppl this person blog is greaaat visit it  i really learned alot from him  Sobhi Blog really its nice god with you sobhii ; finally i hope this continues true……………..
Moustafa Emara